Quality Control
SKIN GRADING - All skins are graded by our experienced staff with over 40 years expertise. Pelts are checked for their quality, flays, holes and size. Wool is checked for wool quality and wool length.
COUNTING SKINS - Once the quality and wool length is determined, the skins are then placed in the appropriate grading bay where each bay's counter is then tallied.
PACKING + RECOUNT - Once a tally reaches the specified quantity for each grade, it is then taken to the press for packing. Skins are hand-stacked into one of our 40 tonne pressers where they are recounted.
BALE + MARKING - The pallet is baled and strapped where it is then marked according to its grade, wool length, size and quantity. This is also recorded into our daily baling book.
IN STOCK - Baled pallets are then either stored in pallet racking ready for orders or put directly into the contract dispatch area. Each bale is labelled at the front for easy identification if placed into stock.
DISPATCH - All deliveries are placed into the dispatch area in 20 pallet lots where the stack is rechecked to confirm the client's orders to assure the upmost quality.
SHIPPING - Stack is placed next to each sea container and rechecked against the client's orders before loading. Bales are then numbered and loaded directly into the container. Once loaded the container is sealed and ready for port pickup. All shipping documents are then conpleted and dispatched to the client.